Please do not park in another resident's designated parking space (numbered) or in the fire lanes (this includes double parking).  You will be towed!  Please park any additional vehicles you may have in an unmarked parking space on Crainmont Drive.  There is also additional parking available in the Leasing Center parking lot (please do not park in front of the office during office hours). 


Roller skating, cycling, ball/frisbee throwing, hide and seek, dodgeball and wall climbing are prohibited in our parking lots.  These activities create many issues for residents entering and exiting the community.  It is also a safety issue for the people engaging in these activities.  We have gotten complaints of damage to vehicles and personal property front several residents.


Car repairs are not permitted at Village Square.  Please take your car to a car wash if you would like to wash it.  Our water is not individually metered.  Your neighbors will appreciate not having an increased water charge on their utility bill.